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Webinar on Underwater Radiated Noise

We would like to congratulate our SATURN partner Christ de Jong for his participation in this years’ 'Webinar on Underwater Radiated Noise' organised by the FPS Health, the FPS Mobility and Transport, and the Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association on Tuesday 30th March. Launched by the Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister for the North Sea, Vincent Van Quickenborne, this webinar brought together a panel of experts to highlight the measures the shipping industry can take to reduce underwater noise and mitigate the impacts it has on biodiversity.

Christ’s presentation ‘Potential Co-Benefits of Measures for Reducing Underwater Radiated Noise for Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction in Shipping’, outlines the results of a study in which the effects of a slow-steaming scenario for the emissions and underwater noise of North Sea shipping was quantified, using tools developed in JOMOPANS.

While presenting the results of this work, Christ had the opportunity to highlight the SATURN project and the research it will undertake in the coming years to address the issue of underwater radiated noise. Christ’s slideshow and presentation are now available online for those who could not attend.

You can access more information about the programme of events and speakers here!



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