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View publications from the SATURN team on the results of our research.


On empirical formulae to assess the source level of ships in shallow water with different hydrophone configurations

Valentin Meyer and Christian Audoly


Semi-coherent image method to estimate propagation loss in shallow water for measuring surface vessel source level

Michael Ainslie and Michael Wood


Hydroacoustic analysis of a marine propeller using large-eddy simulation and acoustic analogy

Antonio Posa, Riccardo Broglia, Mario Felli, Marta Cianferra, Vincenzo Armenio

Journal of Fluid Mechanics


The signature of a propeller–rudder system: Acoustic analogy based on LES data

Antonio Posa, Mario Felli, Riccardo Broglia

Journal of Ocean Engineering


A decade of underwater noise research in support of the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive

Nathan Merchant, Rosalyn Putland, Michel André, Eric Baudin, Mario Felli, Hans Slabbekoorn, René Dekeling

Ocean & Coastal Management, 2022


Acoustic signature of a propeller operating upstream of a hydrofoil

Antonio Posa, Riccardo Broglia, and Mario Felli

Physics of Fluids, 2022


Antonio Posa, Mario Felli, and Riccardo Broglia

Physics of Fluids, 2022


Selective Inner Hair Cell Loss in a Neonate Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

Maria Morell, Laura Rojas, Martin Haulena, Björn Busse, Ursula Siebert, Robert E. Shadwick, and Stephen A. Raverty

Animals, 2022

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