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New Footage of URN Tests!

In November 2022, SATURN researchers from TSI -Técnicas y Servicios de Ingeniería S.L. traveled to Gran Canaria to measure the noise produced by a vessel in both deep and shallow water. Underwater Radiated Noise (URN) is produced by all types of vessels and is a major contributor to noise pollution in oceans and rivers, which can have detrimental impacts on marine life.

In this video showing drone footage from the tests, SATURN researchers deployed a communication buoy and a set of hydrophones (underwater microphones) each day at sea. The location of the hydrophones was continuously monitored by the communication buoy’s GPS, and the vessel passed close to the buoy at different distances and speeds to measure how much sound it produced.

With the data gleaned from these tests, SATURN aims to better understand how to monitor underwater radiated noise from ships and boats.

Learn more about SATURN research here.

View all of our videos on our YouTube channel here.



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