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Measuring Underwater Radiated Noise in Vessel Tests

Last week, SATURN researchers at TSI successfully measured the underwater radiated noise produced by a large vessel in deep and shallow water using the IEO's RV Ángeles Alvariño.

To do so, a communication buoy and a set of hydrophones (underwater microphones) were prepared each day and deployed at sea. The location of the hydrophones was continuously monitored by the communication buoy’s GPS, and the vessel passed close to the buoy at different distances and speeds to measure how much sound it produced.

At the end of each day, the communication buoy and hydrophones were recovered and the recorded data was downloaded onboard on the research vessel. The sound that was measured is processed to obtain the vessel’s ‘acoustic signature’.

With these data, we aim to better understand how to monitor underwater radiated noise from ships & boats as part of our research into the best solutions to the issue of #UnderwaterNoise.

Update: View the exciting drone footage taken of the vessel test in the video below!


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