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Travel Journal #2 - Destination: SATURN 2025

A visit to the oceanographic vessel Ángeles Alvariño!

Preparations continue for the SATURN project for the November underwater noise measurement campaign. Last April, part of TSI's R&D department visited the oceanographic vessel of the IEO (Spanish oceanography institute), the Ángeles Alvariño. This vessel will be used for conducting the underwater radiated noise tests in Spanish waters.

  • Testing vessel: RV Ángeles Alvariño (further info)

  • Test site: Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain)

  • Dates: 2 - 13 Nov 2022

  • Measurements:

    • URN (vessel signature)

    • Onboard vibrations (and noise)

  • Water depth:

    • Deep (>200m): ISO 17208-1, BV, DNV, ANSI-ASA Grade C ...

    • Shallow ( 50~100m): ISO 17208-3 (Committee Draft), BV, DNV...

We are getting closer to the official tests!

🌐 Learn about SATURN en español:



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