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New Publication on Modelling Sound Particle Motion in Shallow Water

It has been a very busy New Year for us here at SATURN HQ, and we are closing out this January on a high with the exciting announcement of our first peer-reviewed publication of 2024! 'Modelling Sound Particle Motion in Shallow Water' is now available to download from the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

We would like to congratulate our partners at TNO and JASCO Applied Sciences for their hard work in producing this paper!


Fish species and aquatic invertebrates are sensitive to underwater sound particle motion. Studies on the impact of sound on marine life would benefit from sound particle motion models. Benchmark cases and solutions are proposed for the selection and verification of appropriate models. These include a range-independent environment, with and without shear in the sediment, and a range-dependent environment, without sediment shear. Analysis of the acoustic impedance illustrates that sound particle velocity can be directly estimated from the sound pressure field in shallow water scenarios, except at distances within one wavelength of the source, or a few water depths at frequencies where the wavelength exceeds the water depth.


Oppeneer, V.O., de Jong, C.A.F., Binnerts, B., Wood, M.A. and Ainslie, M.A., 2023. Modelling sound particle motion in shallow water. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Vol.154, Issue 6.



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