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Animated Video: Slowing Down Vessels Can Lead to Much Quieter Oceans

The noise pollution made by ships can disrupt the ability of marine mammals to locate food, detect predators, and communicate. The good news is that we can do something about it.

Slowing down ships is an effective, scalable, and quickly implementable way to reduce underwater noise in our oceans and its impacts on marine mammals.

In this new animated explainer video by Amy Dozier (MaREI, University College Cork) and Charlotte Rose Findlay (Aarhus University), learn about the problem of underwater radiated noise from shipping and how reducing vessel speeds can make a big impact.

Captions are available in Arabic, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Inuit, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian on YouTube:

The video is based on recent research conducted within the SATURN project on the effectiveness of vessel slowdowns, which recently made the cover of the journal Science Advances. You can read more about the research here, or read the open access article by SATURN researchers Charlotte Rose Findlay, Laia Rojano-Doñate, Jakob Tougaard, Mark Johnson, and Peter Teglberg Madsen at

Illustration, animation, and script by Amy Dozier.



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