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8th International Bio-Logging Science Symposium

We would like to thank our SATURN researchers Nina Maurer and Dominik Nachtsheim for their recent participation in the 8th International Bio-Logging Science Symposium (BLS8) in Tokyo, Japan which was held from 4-8 March! Both Nina and Dominik (TiHo) presented research posters which highlighted the results of their research on harbour seal telemetry, ship encounters, and health.

Learn more about the event here!

Poster Details

  • Nina Maurer: Unsealing Behaviour: Missing Link Health Condition - Relationship Between Health Status and Animal Behavioural changes in Tagged Harbour Seals.

  • Dominik Nachtsheim: Frequent Vessel Noise Exposures of HArbour seals in the North Sea May Reduce Foraging Opportunities


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