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Verification of the computation of standardized acoustic statistics

The SATURN project is concerned about the underwater radiated noise (URN) produced by shipping which can impact aquatic species that use or sense sound. SATURN is currently identifying which sounds, in terms of frequency and level, are of highest concern for the environment, how these sounds are produced and transmitted through the medium, investigating both the short- and long-term impacts on the environment, and researching options for the reduction of these sounds.

In SATURN, researchers involved in Work Package 2.1 are standardizing the terms, sounds, and algorithms for use within the project to guarantee computation of the same quantities in a comparable way, and to allow an interpretation of results outside the project.

This document presents a list of acoustic measurements and statistics that will be implemented for standardization within the SATURN project. The code, in combination with reference inputs and outputs, will ensure that fundamental quantities are computed similarly and are comparable.

Inside there is a Python implementation of the described algorithms. The code implements the various statistics and is combined with unit tests that allow validation of results on reference data. The code can be used directly to compute various quantities, or to confirm that a different implementation of the same quantity produces the same result.

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