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Celebrating World Oceans Passive Acoustic Monitoring Day 2023

SATURN joined researchers around the world in celebration of aquatic Passive Acoustic Monitoring for the newly dubbed World Ocean Passive Acoustic Monitoring Day (aka WOPAM Day), coinciding with World Ocean Day (June 8).

Volunteers will share data obtained from hydrophones from June 8-10 for a collaborative study of our global aquatic soundscapes, whether in salt, brackish or freshwater. In total, >160 researchers expressed interest from 96 institutes in 33 countries (including two independent territories).

So far, organisers Miles Parsons and Steve Simpson of GLUBS have received nearly 300 locations from 58 people in 44 institutes! A workshop will be held in July/August to agree on common analyses and data protocols.

Below, photos show our recent deployment of a CEFAS noise lander in May, which will be recording over WOPAM and will contribute to the WOPAM dataset 7-9 June.



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