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Meeting in Montreal to Discuss ISO Standards for Underwater Acoustics

SATURN is attending the ISO subcommittee on underwater acoustics in Montreal this week in the first physical meeting since in the pandemic.

TC43 MONTREAL 2023 presents a valuable opportunity for SATURN to make progress on the development of a shallow water measurement standard for underwater radiated noise, a task led by SATURN researcher Christ de Jong of TNO.

The work to develop a shallow water measurement standard (ISO 17208-3) began in September 2021 in response to calls for improvement in the comparability of data in underwater noise research (see Erbe et al., 2019). Our participation in these ISO meetings reflects our commitment to developing and using international standards in our research to measure, assess and compare the impacts from underwater noise generated by shipping and boats.

This week’s meeting coincides with a plenary of ISO TC 43 (Acoustics Committee), providing a valuable opportunity to discuss common interests. Moreover, gathering together in Montreal provides an opportunity to discuss the development a number of related standards, including ISO 7605. This standard partly addresses the standards deficit for monitoring of underwater ambient sound as part of the EU's Marine Strategy Framework Directive, and Michael Ainslie (JASCO Applied Sciences) will lead four half-day meetings related to ISO 7605.

Additionally, an important discussion is planned for 5 May on starting a new working group for standardization in underwater bioacoustics. At present, there are no standard methods or procedures within this field.

Learn more about TC43 MONTREAL 2023 and view the full schedule at For more about SATURN’s work on standardisation, view related posts below!


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