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Full-scale URN Measurements Report

To celebrate the start of 2024, we are sharing our newest report with you! This report is a public deliverable for the SATURN project and gathers the efforts of different project activities of the “Full-scale URN measurements” task (T2.1). The document is structured into two main parts, corresponding with the field tests performed in November 2022 and March 2023 by TSI and DNV, respectively.

 Picture of the tested vessel taken by a drone during SATURN test campaign

The first test campaign was focused on measuring vessel underwater radiated noise (URN) following a comprehensive variety of testing procedures. The methods used included international standards and class societies’ procedures to characterise vessel sound in deep and shallow water. It was also possible to test the first international standard to measure vessel URN in shallow water, the draft international standard (DIS) of ISO 17208-3  (currently under development). Details of the whole test campaign, including its execution and the results processing, are gathered in this report. Also, a thorough comparison of reported vessel signatures from the different methods is provided, proving the need for unifying methodologies to measure vessel URN.


The second test campaign took place to collect onboard data (vibrations, sound, and pressure of the main vessel noise sources) and vessel URN simultaneously. The gathered data will be used for a later correlation study to be performed in this project (T2.2.4) that seeks to estimate vessel URN based on onboard measurements, aiming to find a cost-effective alternative to conventional URN tests. The report also describes this trial and produced outcomes.


Different materials used in this report will be made available to the community. Some of them, as computed vessel signatures or spectra from the onboard measurements, are already compiled within this document. Others will be publicly available or accessible from the project website's Resources page. Drone footage showing how URN measurements of the Las Palmas test campaign were performed is also available and can be found on our website at the following link

Download the report here:

D2.1 Final Report on vessel URN Measurements
Download PDF • 16.83MB



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