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8th Symposium on Marine Propulsors

We are happy to announce that our research partners at the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) will have a paper at the upcoming 8th Symposium on Marine Propulsors which will be held in Berlin from 17th-20th March. This paper will be delivered by Johan Bosschers on behalf of himself and his co-authors and colleagues Thomas Lloyd and Frans Hendrik Lafeber as part of 'Session 4a: Underwater Radiated Noise II' on the 19th of March at 8:30am so be sure to stop by!

You can access the programme of activities here!

Full Session Details

  • Time and Location: MOA 15+16, 830am-8:55 am

  • Chair: Professor Kourosh Koushan

  • Title: Ship URN Mitigation by Air Injection: Model-scale Experiments and Application to full-scale Measurement Data

  • Authors: Thomas Lloyd, Frans Hendrik Lafeber, Johan Bosschers (speaker)


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